When marketing services, we need to describe tangible elements of the product, or provide physical clues. The products that your company markets may be physical goods or they may be services.

Services cannot be separated from their providers. In fact, in the sale of a service, the producer and consumer often interact. Service marketing depends on people, as people deliver many services. Concentrate on quality control, training, staff experience, your selection criteria, motivation, process simplification, and use of technology to assist in overcoming variability problems associated with service delivery. Marketing programs, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing people to try out or keep using particular products or services. Services include such things as telecommunications, air travel, hairdressing, taxation consultancy, architectural drawing, medical advice, public transport and of course tourism. The basis of most marketing theory is the fast moving consumer goods market, which is characterised by mass production, high volume, physical products. Products usually have price tags, however services often do not. When you buy a sofa, you know the price up front; you pay it, and take the sofa home.

Services are activities provided to other parties which do not result in the ownership of anything. Services do not have physical dimensions or characteristics. Goods are tangible; you can see and touch them. However, with services, you can do neither.Market research will also identify trends that affect sales and profitability. Population shifts, legal developments, and the local economic situation should be monitored to quickly identify problems and opportunities. It is also important to keep up with competitors’ market strategies.

When you need decoration services for your apartment, the price depends on quality, size, timing and experience of the designer. If you can price certain aspects of your service, this will help the customer feel that they are in control. As customers cannot be sure of quality or performance until after the service is provided, they need to be assured by other means.